Undergraduate Programmes

MTheol, MA, and BD

The school of Divinity offers several four-year undergraduate degrees related to biblical studies. Each programme consists of lectures with complementary small-group tutorials in the first two years, discussion-led seminars in the latter two (Honours) years, alongside a dissertation in the final year.

The MTheol in Theology covers a wide range of topics related to the Bible, theology, and history of Christianity.

The MA in Biblical Studies examines the Christian and Jewish Scriptures in addition to other important texts produced from the same period and the impact they have had on Western civilisation.

The BD in Divinity is a shorter programme for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. It is especially suited for those interested in pursuing ordination in a Christian denomination.

Joint degree options are also available, allowing students to study additional subject areas, even outwith the School of Divinity. The MA in Hebrew and MA in New Testament are offered exclusively as joint programmes.

For further information regarding undergraduate programmes within the school of Divinity, see their full descriptions or the application portal.

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