Hebrew Bible Research Seminar Spring 2023

Seminars will take place on Thursdays from 2:00pm to 3:30 pm and will be a mix of in-person (College Hall, St Mary’s College [unless otherwise indicated]) and online on Microsoft Teams (indicated with a *).

Contact Dr Madhavi Nevader ([email protected]) for the Teams link.

  • Wednesday 1 February – Prof Philip Alexander (Manchester), “Materiality and Coherence: To what extent is the literary coherence of ancient texts affected by the technologies of their transmission?” Please note that this seminar will take place on Wednesday in the SCR.
  • Thursday 9 February – Dr Andrew Mein (St Andrews), ‘Seeing Ezekiel’s Visions in Early Modern Europe
  • Thursday 16 February* – Dr Dylan Johnson (Cardiff), ‘Light of the Land, Sun of the People: The Solarization of Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Lawgivers
  • Thursday 23 February – Prof Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv), ‘Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: New Methods and New Discoveries that Changed our Understanding of the Biblical Period’. Please note that this will take place in the SCR.
  • February “Vacation”
  • Thursday 9 March* – Prof Michael Legaspi (St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary), Title TBC
  • Thursday 16 March – Dr Anja Klein (Edinburgh), ‘A Resilient Deity – the God of Isaiah and how He Adapts to Crisis?
  • Thursday 23 March – Dr Peter Atkins (Edinburgh), ‘The Feathered Man: Insights on Daniel 4 from Thomas Poyntz’s tapestry of Nebuchadnezzar Transformed into a Beast
  • Thursday 30 March – Dr Michael Lyons (St Andrews), ‘What Laws Were “Not Good” (Ezek 20:25)?’
  • Thursday 6 April – Prof Kristin de Troyer (Salzburg), ‘Why Textual Data Matter and What is New in Textual Criticism’
  • Thursday 13 April – Dr Madhavi Nevader (St Andrews), ‘Kingship in the Bible’ (for the SAET)
  • Tuesday 25 April – Prof Yair Zakovitch (HUJI), ‘Literary Archaeology’
  • Thursday 27 April – Prof Yair Zakovitch (HUJI), ‘The Many Bindings of Isaac’
  • Thursday 4 May – Prof Ronni Goldstein (HUJI), ‘The Exaltation Hymns of Yhwh: Their Sources, Manifestations in the Hebrew Bible, and Continuity in Post-Biblical Literature’
  • Thursday 11 May – Prof Ronnie Goldstein (HUJI), ‘New Insights on the Exodus Tradition’