Hebrew Bible Research Seminar Spring 2023

 Seminars will take place on Thursdays from 2:00-3:30 pm and will be a mix of in-person (College Hall, St Mary’s College [unless otherwise indicated]) and online on Microsoft Teams (indicated with a *).

Contact Dr Madhavi Nevader ([email protected]) for the Teams link.

Wed 1 Feb Prof Philip Alexander (Manchester), “Materiality and Coherence: To what extent is the literary coherence of ancient texts affected by the technologies of their transmission?” Please note that this seminar will take place on Wednesday in the SCR.

9 Feb Dr Andrew Mein (St Andrews), ‘Seeing Ezekiel’s Visions in Early Modern Europe

16 Feb* Dr Dylan Johnson (Cardiff), ‘Light of the Land, Sun of the People: The Solarization of Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Lawgivers

23 Feb Prof Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv), ‘Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: New Methods and New Discoveries that Changed our Understanding of the Biblical Period’. Please note that this will take place in the SCR.

February “Vacation” 

9 Mar* Prof Michael Legaspi (St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary), Title TBC

16 Mar Dr Anja Klein (Edinburgh), ‘A Resilient Deity – the God of Isaiah and how He Adapts to Crisis?

23 Mar Dr Peter Atkins (Edinburgh), ‘The Feathered Man: Insights on Daniel 4 from Thomas Poyntz’s tapestry of Nebuchadnezzar Transformed into a Beast

30 Mar Dr Michael Lyons (St Andrews), ‘What Laws Were “Not Good” (Ezek 20:25)?’

6 Apr Prof Kristin de Troyer (Salzburg), ‘Why Textual Data Matter and What is New in Textual Criticism’

13 Apr Dr Madhavi Nevader (St Andrews), ‘Kingship in the Bible’ (for the SAET)

Tues 25 Apr Prof Yair Zakovitch (HUJI), ‘Literary Archaeology’

27 Apr Prof Yair Zakovitch (HUJI), ‘The Many Bindings of Isaac’

4 May Prof Ronni Goldstein (HUJI), ‘The Exaltation Hymns of Yhwh: Their Sources, Manifestations in the Hebrew Bible, and Continuity in Post-Biblical Literature’

11 May Prof Ronnie Goldstein (HUJI), ‘New Insights on the Exodus Tradition’