Ethan Knudson

PhD Candidate – Hebrew Bible

Renton, Washington, USA

MLitt – Biblical Languages and Literature – University of St Andrews
BA – Biblical Studies, Classical Hebrew, and Koine Greek – Multnomah University

Research Topic
Profiling Intra-Textual and Inter-Textual Reuse in Daniel 7 and 8
Supervised by Dr William Tooman

Ethan seeks to explore the textual referents which permeate the visions of Daniel 7 and 8. His project first examines allusions, repetition, thematic parallels, etc. from these chapters to the rest of the book of Daniel, then to the rest of the Hebrew Bible, concluding with a discussion of the relationship between book-internal and book-external reuse. 

Other Information
More than anything, Ethan enjoys time with his wife Tamara, who is also a PhD candidate in Hebrew Bible at St Andrews, and their baby daughter Eilidh. In his research, Ethan is interested in Hebrew narrative, word-play, and how texts within the Bible interact with one another. After graduating, Ethan and Tamara hope to teach together and create resources for robust and accessible biblical education within the Christian church.