Taylor Gray

PhD Candidate – Hebrew Bible

Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA

MLitt – Biblical Languages and Literature – University of St Andrews
BA – Biblical Studies – Colorado Christian University

Research Topic
“The Rock of Israel”: A Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis of Petramorphic Language in the Hebrew Bible
Supervised by Dr Madhavi Nevader

The project focuses on two aspects related to petramorphic language in the Hebrew Bible. One half of the project is dedicated to examining the pre-biblical/extra-biblical instances of rock-language associated with divinities in the ancient Near East and the emergence of Yhwhism. The second half examines the inner-biblical development of ‘Yhwh as Rock’ as an intertextual landscape.

Other Information
Taylor is married to his beautiful partner Hanna, whose support is limitless. His general research interests include notions of representation in the ancient Near East, ancient Near Eastern religion, concepts of the divine, the rise/development of Yhwhism in the Southern Levant, Peircean semiotics and intertextuality. Aside from academic work, Taylor is interested in cycling, golf, watercolour-painting, philosophy and cooking. From time to time, he laughs at himself in the mirror and enjoys the critically-acclaimed/Oscar-winning film Dumb and Dumber.