Tobias Siegenthaler

PhD Candidate – New Testament

Thun, Switzerland

MLitt – Biblical Languages and Literature – University of St Andrews
MTh – University of Bern
BTh – University of Bern

Research Topic
Narratives from the Book of Genesis in the Gospel of Luke: How Luke Draws on and Transforms the Story of the Book of Genesis
Supervised by Dr Elizabeth Shively and Dr William Tooman

The Gospel of Luke draws subtly on narratives and theological problems found in the book of Genesis: creation, the tree in the garden, eating and opened eyes, conflicts between brothers from Cain and Abel all the way to Joseph and his brothers, Joseph’s words in prison to the cupbearer ‘remember me, when…’ echoing in the words of the criminal next to Jesus on the cross ‘remember me, when…’ and then the promise of an opened paradise for him draw the story of Luke back to the very beginning of Genesis. Tobias’ research explores these theological dialogues between these two texts and finally attempts to ask how the reader, by hearing these scriptures, is supposed to have opened his eyes and recognise Jesus’ identity.

Other Information
Having grown up in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, Tobias early on discovered that he has an adventurous spirit and so his life has been an incredible adventure so far. Tobias has been privileged to travel and work in different places and fields: he is a professional welder and theologian who has lived with many different cultures and, on the way, learned a couple languages. Tobias enjoys exploring old texts and asks whether there are smaller trails of interpretation which we may have missed. He has taught in different smaller Bible Schools abroad and enjoys his studies in both Old and New Testament.