Current Seminar Schedule

Biblical Studies Research Seminar

Martinmas (Autumn) 2023

All seminars will take place in person on Thursdays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in College Hall, St Mary’s College (unless otherwise indicated with **). Email [email protected] or [email protected] for the Teams link, which will be distributed immediately before the seminar begins.


  • Sept 14          Welcome Tea (Senior Common Room)**
  • Sept 21          Prof. Alexander Samely (Manchester), “Imagining (Self-)Critical Reader Contexts and Encountering Otherness in Reading.”

Note: Prof. Samley is presenting a parallel paper “The Researcher as Reader: The Inclusive Potential of a Phenomenological Approach to Reading for Scholars with Specific Learning Difficulties” in an EDI workshop on Friday 22 Sept. If you would like to attend, please contact Julia Glanz (jrg6) no later than 15 Sept.

  • Sept 28          Dr Albert Coetsee (North-West University, South Africa) – “When He Brings the Firstborn into the World’: The Entrance Motif in Hebrews 1:6.”


  • Oct 5           Prof. Hugh Williamson (Oxford), “Don’t Forget Adonis! Reflections on Isaiah 17:10–11.”
  • Oct 12         Dr David Moffitt (St Andrews), “Ransom Redivivus: The Handing Over of God’s Son to Death and Hellenistic Sacrifice to Chthonic Gods.”
  • Oct 19         No Seminar – Reading Week
  • Oct 26         Dr Kelly Liebengood, “The Problem of Temple, Priesthood, Race, and Nation in 1 Peter: Exploring 1 Pet 2:4–10 after Supersessionism.”


  • Nov 2          Prof. Eckart Frahm (Yale), Reception History of Enuma Elish (title tbc)**
  • Nov 9          Veronica Vandervliet (St Andrews), “Reading Biblical Hebrew Poetry Through the Lens of Information Structure Theory.”
  • Nov 16         Dr Sam Newington (Aberdeen), Monsters in the Biblical and Classical World (title tbc)
  • Nov 23         No Seminar – SBL
  • Nov 30         Prof. Caroline Humfress (St Andrews), “Comparative History of Ancient Law.”