New Testament Research Seminar Spring 2023

New Testament Research Seminar – Spring 2023

St Mary’s College Hall

Tuesdays 2:30–4:00

24 January – Grant Macaskill, “Cultic Practice and Divine Reciprocity in 2 Enoch: A Rhizome of Religion in Late Antiquity?”

31 January – Loveday Alexander, “Ambassador in Chains: Reading Acts with Josephus in Rome”

7 February – Catrin Williams, “Sign(s) and Scripture in the Gospel of John”

14 February – Chris Kugler, “Early Christian Metaphysics: John 1.1–18 as a Test Case”

21 February – Maren Niehoff, “Philo of Alexandria as a Key to Paul”

28 February – No Seminar, February Break

7 March – Elizabeth Shively, “Why Genre in Cognitive Perspective Matters for Reading the Gospels”

14 March – Philip Esler, “Babatha and the Roman Census in Arabia of 127 CE: A Micro-Historical Analysis of Ten Days in Her Life”

21 March – Matt Sharp, “What is ‘Above all the Heavens’ (Eph 4:10)?”

28 March – David Moffitt, “Death and Atonement: Reevaluating the Sacrificial Significance of ‘Dying for’ Language in the New Testament”

4 April – Dominika Kurek-Chomycz, “(Inc)sensing Revelation: Incense, Senses, and the Agency of Incense Utensils in the Apocalypse of John”